SAI Facts

AN EMERGING LEADER IN THE AGRI-BUSINESS: Our long history has witnessed sustainable growth at an increasing rate even amidst the recent financial and commodity crises. Our consistent success from the year to year demonstrates the continuing competency required to achieve growth and profitability. Our capable teams aim to continue such efforts to retain this competitive edge to achieve progress further and set higher benchmarks in the industry.

AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: From the very beginning, our people have been empowered with an ability to take creative initiatives to drive the business forward and achieve sustainable growth. Having this principle embedded in our inclusive culture has let SAI and our people generate ideas and cultivate innovation. This practice of motivating, welcoming, and respecting individual ideas, the wide range of thinking and diverse experiences has enabled our people to act on opportunities at the right time and increase our success.

A MERIT BASED CULTURE: SAI is devoted to developing future leaders of this industry. Our recognition of the importance of on job training has led us to immensely invest in the development of our people. A vital aspect of this process involves identifying the right people to ensure the growth of our group. A key reason for our success has been the contributions made by these hard-working and talented people. The group rewards and seeks to retain our people via various tools for acknowledging such efforts and contributions.

AN ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: Our entrepreneurial spirit set the foundation of our group. We inspire our people to `dream big and do big`. We continuously encourage our people to take calculated risks and take success or failure as a part of a learning process.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: An important attribute to our overall success is the Personal growth of our people. Our strategy aims at aligning the strengths of our people with overall vision and values to help them learn and develop to their fullest potential. Our business is committed to continually serve our people with the breadth of learning activities, tools, essential resources and challenging opportunities to achieve personal development. These tools vary from classroom workshops to on job training. An all-inclusive culture further provides everyone with an ability to learn, seek candid feedback regarding performance and network with senior management. All of these and many other measures provide our people with a freedom to control their own learning, career and performance.